Through analyzing various webpages, articles, and google searches, we have found a variety of correlations in regards to the Black Lives Matter protest. Given that correlation does not always mean causation, these findings ought to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, the resulting trends are still relevent.

In essence, these search queries reveal certain sentiments held by many Americans. Given that there are similarities in the spikes of searches of words with negative conotation related to Black Lives Matter, we can safely assume that this group has sparked much controversy and led to excessive social commentary from both sides of the politcal spectrum. On top of this, the fact that search spikes for negatively conotated words such as 'riot' exist almost exclusively in tandem with search spikes for Black Lives Matter is indicative that the aforementioned group is often either responsible for or involved in riots, like those seen in Baltimore, Ferguson, and now London, as seen below. In summation, although Black Lives Matter has been an agent of positive social change, they carry with them hidden disregard for other races and disorganization as an activist group, painting them as an antiestablishment farce.

Right now in Dalston

— Max Lee (@m8xyl) July 28, 2017

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